Doctor Who TARDIS-inspired earrings

Normally this blog has a masculine tone - well, today it changes for a while. New to my Etsy store are these Doctor Who inspired earrings...

Who do you know would like a pair of British police call-box earrings? These are the perfect gift for the Whovian in your life, for birthdays, holidays, fandom celebrations! Hand crafted and painted to resemble the classic design. Made of lightweight resin for comfort all day.

Dimensions:- 1 1/4 inch tall, 1/2 inch square. Wire loop and open-wire fishhook hangers for pierced ears.

We do mail outside the US. Please inquire for rates

In a similar vein, here's a commission piece I recently completed, depicting the 10th Doctor and his companion from the episode "The Idiot's Lantern." In this case, "Rose" has taken on the guise of a friend of the customer - a nice way to celebrate a fan's birthday!

If you know a fan who'd love to see themselves alongside their favorite Doctor, drop us a line! We can make a TARDIS model too.

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