The Third Doctor - Bookends!

These bookends were recently completed for a customer in California. Taken from Planet of the Spiders, the last episodes of Jon Pertwee's career as the Doctor, they depict the Doctor in his lab at U.N.I.T. HQ on one side, and Sarah-Jane Smith confronting the Spider Queen on the other. 

 The Doctor prepares for an experiment.
 Sarah-Jane in trouble...

The shelves hold relics from the Doctor's travels. Each bookend front has the blue crystal, sought by the Spider Queen in her pursuit of galaxy-wide domination. The Queen herself poses on the Tibetan mandala used by the unwary seekers of knowledge to summon her.

Do you have a favorite episode from the series? Classic or modern, we can do it. Drop us a line, and get a custom-made set of bookends for Xmas.  


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! What does something like this cost?

A J said...

Thank you! It's $70 + S&H. If you'd like one or similar, please click on the [Contact us for special orders] link on the ruler bar.