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The Hetzenberg Chronicles
by Adrian J. Matthews

The year is Seventeen-hundred and frozen-stiff...

In the space between European empires two small nations hover on the brink of war. As great men on both sides ponder the future, a secret agent and two unconventional women are about to make their mark.

The Convent of St. Ungulant is home to Sister Mary Amadeus, a nun with a passion for blowing things up, and her best friend Ursula Reitzell, a bold and beautiful novice. Little does Mary A suspect her friend is a spy in the employ of Hetzenberg secret agent Konrad Beckenbaur. Little does Konrad suspect Ursula hides a secret that will light the fuse for war.

When fate calls the three are swept up in events that lead them through moments of high terror and drama, comedy and pathos. Will their combined talents for explosives and mayhem see them through?

Stirring...non-stop action! With the mustached rogues, 10 inch mortars and naughty nuns, you won't be able to put this book down. --Jim, Quebec, Canada

We want more--and more and more and more. This is far too addictive. --David, Warwickshire, UK

I'll take my Hetzenberg fix any way I can get it! --Martin, Indiana, USA

The Hetzenberg Chronicles Volume 1: Prelude to War

Smiling Assassin Productions presents the best in writer's self-help...
by Cindy A. Matthews


According to a recent National Education Association's Reading at Risk study, 15 million Americans have attempted some kind of "creative writing".

Very few of these writers have had their work successfully published. Are you one of them?

Want to know how you can improve your chances?

You can find the answers in Cindy's funny guide for serious writers. Laugh while you learn how you can improve your manuscript's chances of surviving the arduous submission process. Find out how "Only You Can Prevent Formatting Follies" and how to avoid those "Prose Pile-Ups on Publication Road".

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This writer's guide was an EPIC Awards ("Eppie") finalist for 2009, and was published by Uncial Press under the title, The Curse of the Manuscript-Eating Slushpile Monster.