The Sage's Lair Bookends - an Adventure on Your Shelf.

Every sage worth his or her salt has a place to study, a home from which to contemplate the mysteries of the universe and to plan adventures in search of greater knowledge. This set of bookends depicts just that kind of place, an elegant study where a globe of the world (but which world?) sits on the table alongside a map, where books fill the shelves, and a quill sits ready in the pen holder waiting for new lore to be written.

Then there's the antechamber, with more books, a treasure chest, and a portrait of a regal fellow hanging upon the wall. Yet something seems to be stirring from the cellar, its macabre tentacle lit by a lantern sitting on a stool. Is it a pet? A Familiar? Or perhaps an approaching menace? You decide.

If you'd like these bookends or a custom-made set of your own, contact us for details. We're always happy to work with you on a unique creation.

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