Back from DetCon1

We're back from a wonderful weekend at DetCon1, the SF/Fantasy convention in Detroit, MI! It was fun to meet friends old and new, to take part in the many panels and to display our work to the public in the art show.

Our most popular piece is the fantasy inn bookends, shown here in the guise of the Prancing Pony. These are perfect for keeping your collection of fantasy and SF books, DVDs and CDs neat and tidy.

The windows overlooking the courtyard glow with a welcoming yellow light. A fountain splashes merrily in the corner. The stables stand ready to take the weary traveler's mount, and a roaring fire, a pint of foaming ale and a bite to eat await inside the inn.

Customers come from all over. Perhaps inside you may meet a band of halflings with their mysterious gray-clad friend...

Our other popular pieces include the TARDIS bookends... 

These include a secret compartment perfect for hiding a small keepsake, a flash drive or similar.

As always we're open to suggestions for custom pieces based on your ideas. Drop us a line and let's talk!

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