Fantasy Inn bookends

New from Smiling Assassin Productions, a set of fantasy bookends! 

Many a thrilling fantasy adventure begins at a rustic inn. Now you can have the inn itself to keep your collections of RPG books, DVDs, CDs and graphic novels tidy! And you could use it to pose your favorite fantasy miniatures on.

Imagine who lives and works here... What kind of folks pass through its doors looking for a drink, a bite to eat, a warm fire and bed for the night? Some visitors may not be human, as the dwarf fighter and human thief find out when a thirsty young dragon calls at the watering trough in the yard. And did a ghoul just walk in? Life is never dull around here!

On the yard side the windows show a cheery welcoming yellow light. From inside they are the blue of falling night.

The inn sign shows the raven; the buyer has the option of requesting their own pub name to be used. The sign itself fits in a socket and can be removed for travel and storage. All the chairs, the table and the red jar are free-standing so they can be moved around as desired. The 25/28mm scale figures in the photographs are for display purposes only and are NOT included in the sale. Check out these bookends and more at our Etsy store!


Anonymous said...

This is very imaginative. Just saw this page for first time.

Adrian Matthews said...

Thanks! It found a happy home last month. I'll make another soon.