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In 1936 Edward VIII of England married divorcee Wallis Simpson, triggering a constitutional crisis throughout the British Empire. Religious, legal, political, and moral objections were raised to the marriage, and the king was forced to abdicate. 

Historically, everything was settled peaceably - but what if the king had refused to abdicate, and matters came to a head? The result - A Very British Civil War!

Cricket on the village green. Crumpets for afternoon tea. Warfare conducted in a civilized 'after you, old chap!' fashion. Gimcrack weapons, do-it-yourself uniforms and improvised structures. And this little dry stone wall, boilerplate and corrugated iron blockhouse to defend home and hearth, in the finest British make-do manner!

Built to 28mm, this blockhouse makes a useful addition to any tabletop gaming set-up. Measuring 6 3/4 by 5 1/4 by 3 inches tall, the roof lifts off to allow figures to be placed inside. The embrasures allow figures to fire out in safety. There's even a chimney pipe, showing a stove is provided for that vital British institution - the cuppa!

(The figure is not included in this sale).

Darkest African Tembe

This represents a classic fortified structure used for defense both by African tribes and slave-traders, as mentioned in the memoirs of Henry Morgan Stanley.

Would suit any gaming period from Colonial to modern, Victorian sci-fi/GASLIGHT rules, Pulp, fantasy, or even sci-fi/dark future games.

Measurements: 8" square by 2.5" high, with a removable roof and open central courtyard. Eight rooms are arranged around the courtyard in a tic-tac-toe pattern cross. Two functioning gates close the main entrance. 

Historically the courtyard acted as an animal pen into which livestock could be driven to safety during a raid. Attackers who managed to break inside the tembe would have been forced to fight to overcome the defenders of each of the circumference rooms in turn.

Construction is foamcore, wood and card, with spackle serving as adobe rendering.

Scratch-built in the US in the traditional wargames modeling way.

Figures are shown for demonstration purposes only. This model is not suitable for children under 12.

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