A Very British Civil War blockhouse

Recently, a customer commissioned me to come up with some ideas for blockhouses suitable for Very British Civil War games. He would like a defensive work that resembles the Boer War blockhouses shown elsewhere on this blog. It should look extemporized, somewhat ramshackle even. I came up with the following.

Boer War veteran Brigadier-General Sir Robert fFyfe-Robinson, KCB, inspects the work.

Based on structures seen during his service in South Africa, the same methods are used in an England riven by civil war.

 Corrugated iron is in ready supply. A raid on a nearby railway locomotive workshop yielded boilerplate and bolts for the embrasures. The stovepipe provides its garrison with the means to brew a cuppa!

The roof of the blockhouse lifts off to allow figures to be placed inside. This and any other structure can be ordered in any wargaming scale, so contact us for details!

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