Out of Africa!

Two popular models from Africa feature this month. The first is a tembe...

This represents a classic fortified structure used for defense both by African tribes and slave-traders, as mentioned in the memoirs of Henry Morgan Stanley. It would suit any gaming period from Colonial to modern, Victorian sci-fi/GASLIGHT rules, Pulp, fantasy, or even sci-fi/dark future games.

Historically the courtyard acted as an animal pen into which livestock could be driven to safety during a raid. Attackers who managed to break inside the tembe would have been forced to fight to overcome the defenders of each of the circumference rooms in turn.

The measurements of this model are 8" square by 2.5" high, with a removable roof and open central courtyard. Eight rooms are arranged around the courtyard in a tic-tac-toe pattern cross. Two functioning gates close the main entrance. 

Our second model is a blockhouse of the type used by the British army during the last Boer War (1899-1902)....

The original blockhouses were prefabricated from corrugated iron and transported where required, usually to sites allowing British control of lines of communication. They typically housed a detachment of up to eight men, and were protected by dry ditches, barbed wire and fixed rifle batteries. 

Where the ground proved too hard to dig a defensive ditch around the structure, walls of field stone were constructed instead, as in this model. Access was through a crawl-way. Post-war, full size doorways were installed. 
Built of mixed media, this model has a detachable roof to allow figures to stand inside. 

Variations on this design can be used for any late 19th through 20th century conflict. For instance, the blockhouse can serve in AVBCW encounters or World War Two games. 

As always, we're open to commissions for these or any other type of structure. Drop us a line and discus your gaming needs!


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