Doctor Who - Slush Vat Castle

The scene - An old, abandoned castle, somewhere off the coast of Britain. For long years it was left to decay, a lonely haunt of seabirds and ghosts, until one day, it was bought by a company who repurposed it for their own nefarious schemes...

Now it has a visitor, "who" is intent on discovering its deep, dark secret. What strange and noxious chemicals surge through the pipes? Who - or what - is being created in the vat the other side of the door? Many macabre tales can be told of this place. Now you can place your own tales between these decorative bookends. Suitable for books, DVDs, CDs, and video games.

Constructed of engineering-grade plaster and resin, these bookends measure 4 1/2" square by 5" tall, and are lined with green felt to prevent scratches. Handmade in the USA, not mass-produced. Each set is unique, and makes a one-of-a kind gift to the sci-fi nerd on your holiday list. Figure not included.

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