Dungeon for sale...

Dungeon for sale…

Only one master—you!

Approx. 100 pieces that can be mixed and matched into an infinite number of combinations to create your own unique role playing world. Yours for $150.00

Modules are cast from Hirst Arts molds using Merlin's Magic, an extremely hard engineering plaster created especially for the molding hobby.

Pieces include a grand entrance hall, lengths of corridor, an assortment of wall and floor sections to make up different size rooms, passageways and chambers, plus individual components to dress up the dungeon!

The whole system will fit on an average size table.

Sample pieces are shown on display here. Contact the artist via
for more information or if you’d like to see the other pieces.

Grand entrance hall, showing some accessories.

The Pool of Doom.

Sarcophagus, with dungeon accessories.

Staircase leading down.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Other items for sale.

A British police box in an alien locale...

Another in an eerie place.

These and more like them will be on display at the Archon art show!
$20 minimum bid.

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